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Can I send you some Lists?

Yes. But please check with me first as someone may already be typing the same list up or the list may be on the site and you just may not have found it.

Do you have a site search facility?

Yes, the RockList search now works using Google.
All the lists on the site are indexed chronologically on The Year Index page .

How Do I Make Lists From My iPod Library?

Two ways of doing it maybe more.

1.) look for a free utility on the web called doPDF 5.3 the version may well be higher now. It is a printer driver. Compile the playlist or all - go to print file and send it to the PDF file option that when you have it installed appears
in the printer list.

2.) From the List view in iTunes. Again select the playlist or all tracks - click on any of the tracks in the
view goto Edit Select All Copy Paste it into your favourite spreadsheet program. From there it can be edited to your desired layout.

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