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These lists were posted to the RockList News/Discussion Forum during the early part of 1999.


From: Sam Gillespie  Date: 03 Feb 1999

For lack of a better description, MAGNET is the American equivalent of WIRE.


1. Neutral Milk Hotel
2. Elliot Smith
3. Belle and Sebastian
4. Ani DiFranco
5. John Spencer Blues Explosion
6. Spoon
7. Massive Attack
8. Brian Jonestown Massacre
9. Air
10. Cat Power

20 ALBUMS THAT MATTERED IN 1998 (in alphabetical order, I assume)

• Archers of Loaf- White Trash Heroes
• Beck- Mutations
• Blonde Redhead - In An Expression of the Inexpressible
• Calexico - The Black Light
• Caustic Resin- The Medicine is All Gone
• Richard Davies - Telegraph
• Dirty Three - Ocean Songs
• Godspeed You Black Emperor! -f#a#
• Jack Drag - Dopebox
• Mercury Rev - Deserter’s Songs
• Roy Montgomery - And Now the Ran Sounds Like Life is Falling Down Through It
• Pernice Brothers - Overcome By Happiness
• Robert Pollard- Waved Out
• Quasi - Featuring "Birds"
• Sonic Youth - A Thousand Leaves
• Spinanes - Arches and Aisles
• Sunny Day Real Estate - How it Feels To Be Something On
• Tortoise - TNT
• Tricky - Angels With Dirty Faces
• Unkle - Psyence Fiction

Jack Rabid List

From: Chris Karamatas Date: 08 Feb 1999

I've included the 1998 year-end list of famous Rock Critic: Jack Rabid (kinda the U.S. version of John Peel, You prob. know him, he also edits 'The Big-Takeover' Fanzine), for your consideration to including on your page.

Cheers - Chris

LPs :

1) Bad Religion-No Substance (Atlantic/WEA)
2) Bob Mould-The Last Dog and Pony Show (Rykodisc)
3) Swervedriver-99th Dream (Zero Hour)
4) Pernice Brothers-Overcome By Happiness (Sub Pop)
5) Glide-Disappear Here (Shock) (Aussie wonders)
6) Mojave 3-Out of Tune (4AD/Sire/WEA)
7) Idaho-Alas (Buzz/Symbiotic)
8) Belle & Sebastian-The Boy With the Arab Strap (Matador)
9) Elliott Smith-XO (Dreamworks/UNI)
10) R.E.M.-Up (Warner Bros.)
11) Mark Eitzel - I'm Caught in a Trap and I Can't Back Out ….. (Matador)
11) Lover's Leap USA (sold by the artist at his shows)
12) Guy Chadwick-Lazy, Soft and Slow (Setanta U.K.)
13) New Model Army-Strange Brotherhood (Attack/EMI Germany)
14) Boo Radleys-Kingsize (Creation)
15) Billy Bragg & Wilco-Mermaid Ave. (Elektra/WEA)
16) Jesse-Jesse (Rugger Bugger U.K.) (ex-Leatherface singer)
17) Rufus Wainwright-Rufus Wainwright (Dreamworks/UNI)
18) Social Distortion-Live at the Roxy (Time Bomb/BMG)
19) Embrace-The Good Will Out (Geffen/UNI)
20) Radiohead-Airbag/How Am I Driving? (Capitol/EMI)
21) Les Thugs-Nineteen Something (Sub Pop)
22) Various-Scratches and Needles Nils tribute (Magwheel Canada)
23) Jesus & Mary Chain-Munki (Sub Pop)
24) You Am I-#4 Record (RCA/BMG)
25) Leatherface-Discography II (Rejected U.K.)
26) Lotion-The Telephone Album (spinART)
27) Robert Pollard-Waved Out (Matador)
28) Jawbox-My Scrapbook of Fatal Accidents (Desoto)
29) Alison's Halo-Eyedazzler 1992-1996 (Burnt Hair)
30) Oasis-The Masterplan (Epic/Sony)
31) Morrissey-My Early Burglary Years (Reprise/WEA)
32) Trembling Blue Stars-Lips That Taste of Tears (Shinkansen U.K.)
33) Wheat-Medeiros (Sugar Free)
34) Robyn Hitchcock-Storefront Hitchcock (Warner Bros.)
35) Quasi-Featuring "Birds" (Up!)
36) All-Mass Nerder (Epitaph)
37) Sleeper-Pleased to Meet You (Indolent/Arista/BMG)
38) Snuff-Tweet Tweet My Lovely (Fat Wreck Chords)
39) Foil-Spread it All Around (13th Hour/Mute)
40) Cinerama-Va Va Voom (Cooking Vinyl/spinART)
41) Kristin Hersh-Strange Angels (Throwing Music/Rykodisc)
42) Various-Splashed With Many a Speck 2-CD (Dewdrops)
43) Guided By Voices-Tonics and Twisted Chasers (Rockathon)
44) Fugazi-End Hits (Dischord)
45) Scrawl-Nature Film (Elektra/WEA)
46) Divine Comedy-Fin De Siécle (Setanta U.K.)
47) Scream-Live at the Black Cat; WDC 12/28/96 (Torque)
48) London Punkharmonic Orchestra-Symphony of Destruction; Punk Goes Classical (Music Club)
49) Rasputina-How We Quit the Forest (Columbia/Sony)
50) The Church-Hologram of Baal (Cooking Vinyl/Thirsty Ear)

Honorable Mention:

• Varnaline-Sweet Life (Zero Hour)
• Radio Birdman-Ritualism live (Crying Sun AUS)
• Acetone-Acetone (Vapor/Reprise/WEA)
• Sunny Day Real Estate-How it Feels to be Something On (Sub Pop) (London)
• Suede-Sci-Fi Lullabies 2-CD (Nude/Columbia/Sony)
• Autohaze-Counter Clockwise (Summershine)
• Posies-Success (Popllama)
• Jello Biafra-If Evolution is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Evolve (Alternative Tentacles U.K.)


1) Catherine Wheel-"Broken Nose" (Chrysalis U.K.)
2) New Model Army-"Wonderful Way to Go" (Attack/EMI Germany)
3) Mojave 3-"Some Kinda Angel," "Who Do You Love" (4AD U.K.)
4) Embrace-"All You Good, Good People" (Hut/Virgin U.K.)
5) Swervedriver- "Wrong Treats" (Sonic Wave U.K.),
5) Space Travel Rock 'n' Roll (Cortex AUS),
5) "93 Miles From the Sun" 7" (Sessions U.K.)
6) Pernice Brothers-"Square World" 7" (Summershine)
7) Rufus Wainwright-"April Fools" (Dreamworks/UNI)
8) Jesus & Mary Chain-"I Love Rock 'n' Roll" (Creation U.K.)
9) Radiohead-"No Surprises" (Parlophone U.K.)
10) Foil-"Revver Gene" (Mute)
11) R.E.M.-"Daysleeper" (Warner Bros.)
12) Pastry Heroes-Horn Rim Fury (Submerisible)
13) Scenic and Lanterna-In Live Performance split EP (Independent Project)
14) Brian Wilson "Imagination" (Giant/WEA)
15) Fastbacks-Win, Lose, or Both (Popllama)
16) His Name is Alive-"Can't Always Be Loved" (4AD U.K.)
17) Dickies-Dogs From the Hare That Bit Us (XXX)